Sunday, March 20, 2011


 I was given this box filled with various scrap materials from my Mother In Law.  All of these precut squares were among the treasures.  They have been sitting staring at me for a very long time.  I just could not make up my mind what to do with them.  You see they are not accurately cut and vary just over or under 5 inch squares....on all sides.  I have seriously considered one by one resizing, but they just sat.  I considered just sewing them together as is....yeah right, what a disaster that would be!!!  So next thought, half square triangles.
Last night, I gathered up the supplies....light fabric squares, a ruler, sand paper, I could not locate a pencil so, a pen was used plus, my trusty old clip board.  I began drawing my lines.

Now since these squares are not true squares;  I did not get into the perfect mode.  
Next step, this morning I began sewing on the two outer lines (the inner line will be for cutting on).  This is going to be a long term project, just to be picked up and done at will.  Since there has to be at least 500 if not more of these out of sync squares; my next step will be to iron and cut and trim using one of my triangle rulers.  That way they can be used individually in certain blocks or used to make a whole quilt.

I think this will work taming fabric scraps and a step in organizing them also.