Sunday, October 7, 2012

Q quick and easy quilt.

After further consideration, I decided to not do anything further to this top.  So, I found a backing and an unused blanket and quilted it.  I used one of my decorative stitches and quilted in the ditch along the sashing sides.  It is plain and simple, yet has a touch of elegance and charm because of the stitch I used and the golden sparly thread I chose.  I really enjoy doing scrap quilts that are simple and do not take tons of time.  I gave this quilt to the lady that gave me all of her fabrics.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Four Patch....

Quite awhile back, I went through my fabrics and cut odd scraps into various sized squares.  They have been sitting in my containers since then.  How sad and pathetic on my part!

Well, recently I have been experiencing a ton of negative and depressing feelings and have barely been doing any sewing/quilting at all.  So, I decided to pull out some of my scrap squares and just sew something.  After a few hours of no real desire for any specific patterns, I decided on the four patch.  I then just grabbed some squares and played around arranging them and settled upon this.

Then it was the next step....I decided to just do some simple sashing.  Which by the way, thye fabric sashing is really a definite Red, but appears orange in the photo.  I just finished the last sashing piece and decided to blog and give myself another boost.

It measures 44 inches wide by 64 inches length.  Already after looking at it on our bed, I know I am going to add a border of something and make it wider and maybe longer.  But in all honesty, I am just happy that I completed this top and it is inspiring me once again to quilt.