Friday, September 30, 2011

I am almost finished....

 I just wanted to share my fantastic (in my opinion) Organized Sewing Room.
I even broke my rule not to work on any projects during this time.

Last night after placing a large number of various sized fabric squares into their specific totes;  I decided to treat myself and sew a tad.  Not wanting to get started into any project that would stop me from finishing my organizing......I still have one tote to go through and ruler fold the fabrics and cut scraps into specific squares.  But only 1 more tote and I will be all done!!!!

This is a folded star, I made from several pieces of scrap squares and was just learning the steps.  I really enjoyed making this and swore I would make more.  Needless to say, I have not gotten around to making any more.  LOL.  So I thought, lets go ahead and practice the free motion quilting that I am terrible at, but enjoy doing.  Little by little I am getting the hang of this method.  I will need to bind this and then I think I will use it as a hot pad/mug rug sort of thing to use on my dining room table.  But, who knows. 

I had best get to my last tote soon or I may easily just forget about it.