Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

 After searching on the internet for various quilting videos; I came across videos on making Christmas ornaments using fabric scraps.  They really caught my attention.  I think mainly because with the pain that I have been experiencing, it is hard to spend any amount of time sewing.  So, after viewing several of these videos, I decided that I would be capable of doing something like the ones shown.

Kevin and I made a trip to Odessa yesterday for a doctor appointment, some grocery shopping and a couple other items.  One of which was styrofoam balls.  I was really shocked at the price of these items.  For 6 balls ....3 inch in diameter...the cost was 5.99!  I was really expecting to pay like 25 cents each.  LOL.  I almost did not purchase them, but I really wanted to try creating some.  So I went ahead and splurged.

The one pictured above; first a little off kilter in measurements and I ended up with one small pucker that no matter what I tried would not go away.  After fitting in the fabric...I decided it needed some frills.  Out came my box filled with embroidery threads, beads, laces and bias tape and beads. 
 I really have no clue how long it took to make the first one or the second one, pictured above.  I was really enjoying myself and kept thinking of ideas on how and what to add as frills.  This gold lace is really the only thing that I had appropriate for the ornaments.  Guess what I am going to really start splurging on in the future.

With this one, I decided to use these star decorations that someone had given me and I have never used.  I really liked them...even though I should have taken more time and centered them appropriately.  Very often, my excitement over a project takes prescedence over doing things correctly. 
Then I found two gold buttons that I felt were perfect for hiding the seams and ends of everything.   I have decided that creating these fabric Christmas bulbs is a Great activity and I will definetely be making many, many more.