Friday, January 7, 2011


After cutting several yards of odds and ends scrap matierial into 2and 1/2 inch strips; it looked at me for several months.  I just could not make up my mind what to do with all of these.  Then a few days ago, I just wanted to do some uncomplicated (non use of brain) kind of sewing time.  I began sewing a light strip to a dark strip, a dark to a medium....basically just whatever happened to be picked up together.

I forgot to mention, that although these strips were all equal (per say) in width sizes...they were in so many varied lengths that matching could have become complicated.  I did not want to deal with complicated, so like colors were all sewn into long strips and then pressed and next sewn to another strip approximately the same length. 

The following day....I decided to sew 3 sets of strips together.  Such a variety, but it just did not grab needed something different done that would add more appeal.

After some serious thinking....I decided to cut each section at a 60degree angle.  I have never attempted this to my memory; not sure how to go about the marking.  I checked out Bonnie Hunters site Quiltville and watched some videos on Simply Quilts, You Tube and gained the final courage to use one of my rulers, mark a small point at the 60 degree spot and line it up and mark it again.  Then using the longer ruler pictured above...cut without hesitation.

It may not be exactly perfect.  But, I was pretty impressed with the slant cut and decided to subcut from there at another 2 and 1/2 inches.
I then began sewing each section to another section and before long....I had this.  The seams were actually fairly easy to match; which surprised me....I do not have great luck with matching seams up perfectly by any means.  LOL. 

When I began this, I really had no clue that it would form the foundation (sort of close) to the Lone Star quilt.  Which really surprised me, but made me a tad bit impressed with myself and the way patterns form.  Now, I have not decided what the next part of this procedure will be.  But, I just wanted to share it and encourage others to step out and try something new.  It really is a great feeling and with using really should not matter if it works out or not. 

SCRAPS SHOULD BE PLAYED WITH AND ENJOYED.   Take the time and experiment without any worries at all.  Most of us started quilting to have fun and try something different.