Saturday, January 8, 2011

Scrap Strips....

I had to laugh today as I was sewing together more scrap strips.  I came across several strips that definetely had an "attitude".  Several, no that is putting it mildly, had this curvy appearance; others were about an 1/8 inch in width wider or shorter than they should have been; one group of fabric strips were so pretty....I thought why did I just cut them into odds and ends strips.  It became clear very quickly, they are some sort of horrible material that was awful to work with. 

But, I worked with each piece of scrap, grumbling about their "attitudes"........but throughout the day managed to get them all sewn into groups of six rows.  I tried to take some pictures, but they were awful and just did not show the detail I was looking for;  tomorrow, I will mark the 60 degree angles, cut each into numerous strips and sew them into the final block.

Fill me in on some of your SCRAP ATTITUDES! 

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